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C++ and C# are quite confusing. These two are both object oriented language, but have different functions.

The C# has a big library that allows easy and convenient software development. It is also a powerful language. Currently, C# is not an open source, but programmers are planning to do it. The C# is also considered as a manage language. In order to run it after being assembled to Intermediate Language, it needs a secondary application, the Common Language Run time. Compared to C++ this language is easier to debug and code. This language has several advantages like ref and out keywords, garbage collection, difference between classes and struct, class reference and single inheritance.

On the other hand, C++ creates smaller but faster executable. You can use this in creating computer operating systems. Working with hardware is convenient and permitted with this language. But with C++, longer time is needed to understand the code base. The greatest advantages of this language are the assembly structure and the nature of using it.

Above are the differences between C++ and C#. I hope you get it clearly. Aside from the above mentioned descriptions, there are more things to study about the two languages. You can check programming questions and answers and find any programming solutions you need with our help.

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