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Do You Need Help Learning about Storyboard Programming?

Some 65% of the population are visual learners and visual aids boost learning by some 400% so it is not surprising why many will promote the use of storyboards for creating a program. They can help a team to visualize what is going on with a programming project as well as helping them to see what the ultimate goal of the project is.

There is actually more than one way to look at storyboards for programming. There is the traditional way that is used more by film makers that will provide a look at what every screen of the program should look like and explain what it should do. There is also a planning version of storyboarding which is used in agile software development which allows the team to see who is responsible for what, what has been completed and when other tasks are due etc. This can also be known as a task board in Scrum.

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Answering Your “What Is a Storyboard in Programming” Assignment

Your assignments will often count in some way towards the grade that you will earn for your course so it is important that you do them to a high standard. You also have to consider that you are also doing these assignments to enhance your own learning if you really do want a career in programming later. However there are often times when you will struggle with some of the ideas that you are presented with or you just don’t have enough time to do the work. Even when presented with a storyboard programming guide you may still have issues with your assignment if you are not organized right.

Now: the following tips will help you to fully understand how you should approach this assignment and any other programming assignment that you may be tasked with:

  • Be clear what your assignment is asking for; if they are asking about a visual representation of the different screens and functionality as you would see in the apple iOS storyboard then they may not want to hear about agile software development methods.
  • Don’t leave answering your assignment until the last moment before submission; get into a regular routine for doing your homework and studying at the same time each day.
  • Do your work in a place that is quiet and free from all forms of distraction.
  • Create an outline of your own for how you will answer your assignment; storyboard your own work so you can see what your assignment will look like.
  • Work with a group or a study partner so that you can get additional live programming help with your assignments; obviously do not copy each other before submitting your work.
  • Seek out examples online for additional support; however never copy anything you see and be sure that your sources are reliable.
  • Proofread your assignment very carefully prior to submission to avoid all writing errors.

As David Tesche of Maverick Technologies says:

“Though storyboarding adds an additional step to the software design process, it is invaluable to the client and the engineer when used in software development. This process avoids confusion and miscommunication when a team is working on a set of complex ideas. It affords the ability to easily present a cohesive plan to the client. Storyboarding also offers transparency and clarity to the client, while streamlining the process for the developers and engineers.”

Here’s the deal: it is important to your career to understand storyboarding as well as coding or what is json in java if you are going to be able to work as part of a wider team and be able to show customers what you are able to provide them and understand what they want.

If you are struggling with your storyboard programming assignment get in touch with our specialized services for help that you can rely on to provide you with quality help!

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