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In JavaScript, null and undefined are the two different values for “nothing”. In this post, we will define both of these languages. Null and undefined has important roles in creating codes so it is necessary to familiarize undefined and null.

If the variable is not defined, it means undefined. The undefined is the global variable of JavaScript. The value of this is undefined. There is also an undefined type of undefined. Undefined is the value of “undefined”. It is neither a keyword nor constant. Trying to assign a new value to it will not alter the value of the undefined.

On the other hand, if the value is non –existing or empty, it is considered as null. This means “no value: which is commonly used by programmers. Any variable can be assigned to null. It is a primitive value and not an object. You can never include properties to it. In some cases, people negatively assume that null is an object. This is the reason why the “object” returns from the typeof null.

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