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This is your ultimate SQL cheat sheet that lets you use commands and understand the query language in a fast and easy to learn manner to easily cope with any database assignment. See the following for various commands and injections in this SQL commands cheat sheet.

What Is a SQL Cheat Sheet?

Pronounced as ess-que-el, it is the structured query language used in communicating with a database. According to the American National Standards Institute, SQL is also used as the standard language for relational database management systems.

Reasons to Use a Database Cheat Sheet

This language lets you manipulate, change and access your database, which can do certain things in the database:

  • Retrieve data from a database
  • Create new databases
  • Execute queries versus a database
  • Make new tables
  • Store procedures or steps
  • Insert records
  • Delete records
  • Update records
  • Set permissions on views, procedures and tables
  • Create views

There are different versions of the language although it is considered a standard by the ANSI.  But to be compliant with ANSI, the SQL must be able to support major commands, including DELETE, SELECT, UPDATE, WHERE, INSERT—in the same manner as shown in a standard SQL injection cheat sheet.

While there can be a standard SQL set in a standard SQL cheat sheet, most database programs have their very own extension extras in addition to the standard used.

You need to remember though, in order to make a web site that can show data from your database, you will also need to use an RBDMS program like SQL server, MS Access or MySQL. You will also need a server-side scripting including ASP or PHP and a CSS or HTML.

SQL Commands Cheat Sheet

To help you with the learning process we have created a SQL database cheat sheet for your reference.

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Use this cheat sheet whenever you are struck with your data assignment.

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