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The linker errors are frustrating especially if you don’t expect it to happen after writing your program.

These issues mostly happen because of your compiler set up. For example, you already use the correct header files in the functions, but it is necessary to deliver the linker with right path to the actual implementation library. You will receive “undefined function” error. This happens because the compiler does not support the functions. To resolve the issue, direct to the complier- specific settings. Search for the complier in the library. It is imperative to check if the library was installed correctly.

The error occurs because your fail to add in the linking process the important object files. For an instance, instead of writing the class definition on the, you wrote it in As a result, the compiler has two object files in the myMain.o and To finish the new program creation, the linker needs both. The class definition will be missed if you leave myClass.o even if you added the myClass.h correctly.

There are several linker errors in the C Programming. It is necessary to specify the errors you are encountering. You can check programming questions and answers and find any programming solutions you need with our help.

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