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A string with an apostrophe in the standard SQL is specified by double apostrophe. Four apostrophes like this “” is a single string apostrophe.

You can follow the below activities to successfully find the apostrophe in SQL Data:

SELECT * FROM mytable WHERE myfield LIKE ‘%”%’;

We will choose the records that the field myfield is located. It includes one or more apostrophe. Alternate techniques are allowed by some SQL implementation. The Postgresql also allows the same scenario like:

SELECT * FROM mytable WHERE myfield LIKE ‘%\’%’;

The \’ is a literal apostrophe that is allowed by the code. The ANSI SQL utilizes “and this is considered as an apostrophe. But the above code is not an ANSI SQL.

You should also escape the character to fine the SQL apostrophe. You can also do this in any programming language if you are searching for the ‘. By typing \’ or backlash you can escape the character.

Here is an example:

SELECT * FROM whatever WHERE this=’ \’ ‘

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