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Why Should Schools Teach Children Coding?
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Why Should Schools Teach Children Coding?

The profession of a coder is becoming more and more attractive worldwide. Nowadays, locals of many countries advocate the study of programming by children in school. For example, under The New York Times, the Indian authorities insist on teaching kids coding from the age of four or five. A similar trend is also observed in the USA. According to the Kids Online Learning Statistics 2020 conducted by OnePoll, about 63% of American parents want their children to study programming within the core curriculum.

IT experts explain the described tendency by the rapid development of digital and online technologies. Parents often enroll their children in special courses in the case of the absence of programming lessons as a part of schools’ curriculums. And if the kids have any difficulties with homework, they frequently contact specialists, like Programming Assignment employees, to get help. Under numerous experts in the education field, such an approach helps to prepare children as well as possible for future life.

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Key Reasons Why Coding Should Be Taught in Schools

Programming means constantly learning something new together with solving complex tasks. The latter entails an intensive intellectual load. And according to a 2013 research article published on, such activities help improve brain function, as well as reduce the likelihood of Alzheimer’s disease in the future.

How Does Coding Affect the Development of a Child’s Intelligence?

In 2014, scientists conducted a major study on the brain activity of programmers while checking unfamiliar code snippets. The experiment was done based on MRI data. During the study, it turned out that programmers use the areas of their brains responsible for attention, working memory, and language while checking the code. However, the latter doesn’t mean that learning programming gives an effect similar to studying foreign languages. Thus, it is a unique kind of influence on the brain.

An interesting fact! The sections of the brain associated with mathematics are almost not involved, even when analyzing fragments with loops or conditional and arithmetic calculations. Therefore, the beneficial programming effect on the development of the child’s intellect is unlikely to be replaced by studying another school subject.

Why Is Coding Important to Learn for Life?

Programming develops useful human qualities in children. Among the most significant character traits, experts note:

  • Determining the root of any problem. Such a feature can be useful, e.g., for future doctors when making diagnoses.
  • Ability to maintain concentration for a long time. Proponents of studying coding in school point out that programmers know how to abstract from external stimuli while working. It could be a useful feature anytime and everywhere.
  • Emotion control. The quality may help, for example, future entrepreneurs, managers, or traders. These professions require patience.
  • Ability to present correct arguments. Programming is great at developing logic. Therefore, coders can competently defend their points of view in discussions.

Nay, those interested in why teach coding in schools is so important should know that programmers aren’t capable of cheating. It’s because software development does not forgive innuendo and half-truths. Such coders’ laws extremely quickly become apparent.

What Is the Best Programming Language to Learn in School?

Parents should look at the analytics data on authoritative sites (for example, to answer this question. Under general statistics, the most popular programming languages, e.g., are:

  • Python – it’s pretty simple. Therefore, the experts think such a language is a perfect choice for children.
  • PHP – allows going from no skills to developing web apps within a short time. Thus, this is also a great variant for beginners.
  • JavaScript – it’s used as a client-side programming language by most websites worldwide. That’s a little more complex variant than the above. That’s why the children frequently apply for JavaScript assignment help when learning this coding language.
  • Java – it’s usually used when creating mobile applications. Nowadays, there are over 3 billion gadgets running apps developed with this programming language.

Those interested in reasons to learn code at school should understand that knowing the basics of programming increases the likelihood of getting into a prestigious university or college. Moreover, the experts note that many skilled programmers had started their careers just after school graduation. It’s because nowadays, there are numerous thematic platforms offering employment opportunities to young coders.

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