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Choosing a Programming Language: Top 10 to Pay Attention To
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Choosing a Programming Language: Top 10 to Pay Attention To

So you think you can code? Can tell the С++ from Java? Amazing! Here is the quiz with intricate code examples that’ll show how far you’ve gone on the scale from Beginner to Pro. Ready, Set, GO!

Your Spirit Animal Programming Language, What It’s Like?

There’s too much needed to be taken into consideration when it comes down to choosing a programming language. You need to be aware of platforms you’ll be working with and the main features of language to get ready f

or all the opportunities or restrictions that might wait for you due to language specifics. We offer you to get familiarized with following info, shortly describing top popular languages. Studying programming language? Bookmark us and contact whenever you need a programming assignment help.


Evolving from C PHP is originally written with C language in mind that resulted in C’s power inheritance. However, unlike C which is used for lower development PHP is made for web applications building. This is a server side interpreted and scripting language. Find out more on PHP official website.

PHP lets you:

  • Generate dynamic page content
  • Create and modify files on server
  • Send and get cookies
  • Modify your database files
  • Encrypt data
  • Rescrict acess on website

Why you need to learn it

  • The language is the most practical one allowing you to go from no experience to developing web application within short time span
  • Compatible with major databases
  • Easy to learn


Originally known as ECMAS script it was later renamed to more attractive JavaScript, don’t confuse it with Java. JavaScript is a scripting language embedded in most web browsers. Top big corporations hiring JavaScript developers are Amazon, Microsoft and IBM. Learn more on  JavaScript official website.

JavaScript lets you:

  • Add interactivity to web pages
  • Enhance HTML text boxed
  • Build-in auto-complete function
  • Check name availability, without reloading the page

Why you need to learn it

  • Used for 22,9% of the top websites
  • Controls the web interface
  • Easy development process


Java has been there from 1990’s, positioned as an open source Java is now maintained by Oracle Corp. Originally made as language for all devices Java ended up being language for software development and smart phones. Java is not related to JavaScript, this is server side interpreted language. Check for more info on Java official website.

Java lets you:

  • Play online games
  • Upload photos
  • Take 3d tours
  • Use maps

Why you need to learn it

  • The most sought after programming language
  • Major businesses are powered by it
  • Android’s developers choice


Special purpose markup language, designed to manage the data stored in database system that was launched in 1979. MySqul is a structured query language and is the simplest way to manage the database, moving the information in it. Read more on MySQL official page.

SQL lets you:

  • Manage all the database-related functions
  • Get the data from databases
  • Create new databases and tables in databases
  • Create views in a databases
  • Insert records into databases and more

Why you need to learn it

  • Good start for the programmer
  • You’re interested in database management


Launched by Apple in 1990 it became de facto language for Apple products like iPhone and iPod. It’s a object oriented language based on C. Resis corporation, SmartStyle and SmartCuts are looking are among big companies that hire Objective-C developers. Find more interesting facts about Objective-C official website.

Objective-C lets you:

  • Develop mobile Apps for IOS
  • Develop applications for OS X

Why you need to learn it

  • You’re interested in writing applications for Apple
  • Objective C programmers are highly sought after


C++ is an object-oriented programming language used for higher level applications involving video game engines. First launched in 1983 it was a part of C programming language. Amazon, CyberCoders and Microsoft among those corporations which specifically hire C++ developers. Read more on C++ site.

C++ lets you:

  • Develop mobile apps
  • Video games
  • Windows and Linux Apps

Why you need to learn it

  • Portable for various devices
  • Used for big projects and browsers, to build financial trading algorithms
  • Appropriate for tasks difficult for C


General purpose programming language appeared in the 1990. It is server side oriented and open source, can be used as a part of another framework like Django. Python jobs at big corporations are mostly represented in Amazon and Intel. More information can be found on Python official site.

Python lets you:

  • Build desktop graphic interfaces
  • Provide database access
  • Build websites

Why you need to learn it

  • Beginner friendly
  • Jobs available in almost every market
  • United Space Alliance uses Python


Server side interpreted programming language with no set of specifications that makes certain tasks faster or easier and intuitive. Ruby is currently gaining popularity, if you’re intended to learn Ruby you’re given a chance to be employed at Amazon or CyberCoders ERC. Read about Ruby more on official website.

Ruby lets you:

  • Build simulations
  • Build web applications

Why you need to learn it

  • Highly portable language: works on many types of Unix, Mac OS X, Windows
  • Great job opportunities in mid-sized companies


The server side programming language very similar to PHP but made for Windows servers, as it is a Microsoft product. Top employing organizations for ASP.NET programmers are: Robert Half Technology Cyber Coders and Hendrickson International. Dig the language on official website.

ASP.NET lets you:

  • Build websites
  • Build web forms
  • Build web applications with a Model View Controller

Why you need to learn it

  • Higher average salary level
  • It is easy to match other programming languages with ASP.NET when each page contains one language


XML is not a separate programming language, it’s rather a way to combine multiple programming languages together, uses the JavaScript on the background for server communications. All modern chat systems such as Google Talk based on Ajax, you can see the whole Ajax interface using Gmail. You won’t be effective in it until you’ve mastered JavaScript, CSS and XML technologies first. Find out more on official website.

XML lets you:

Change the page (send and receive info without requiring the user to refresh)

Why you need to learn it

  • Combines: JavaScript functionality, standards-based presentation – XHTML, CSS, Data interchange and manipulation – XML, XSLT, asynchronous data retrieval.
  • Higher average salary level

Don’t be sad if you can’t tell the difference between C++ and C#, or experience difficulties mastering Objective-C, so many ways are here to find out what will work perfectly for you. Python is the promising, popular and offers great prospectives, allowing you the extensive field of work, – from web development to data analysis. JavaScript is probably the most widespread and easy to learn language. In case you are searching for the high salary above all you need to find the time to get familiarized with Ruby. Java is most likely to be intensely used in the next 10 years. Your priorities can help you identify what language to choose, every programming language has own logic so at times it the decision is taken place only after several options are tried, so the learning will never be a waste of time.

Does your homework feel like programming language quiz? No wild guessing, we’ll make this one professionally!

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