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What is the purpose of SAS programming?

The SAS language includes a programming language designed to manipulate data and prepare it for SAS procedures. An SAS program consists of data steps and proc steps. Data steps manipulate data one observation at a time while proc steps perform complex operations on a complete data set. Proc steps provide the analytical power of SAS by performing statistical analysis, graphics, summarizing and reporting. Data must be input and prepared for the appropriate analysis in order to be analyzed and is the responsibility of the data step. The data step identifies the name of the SAS data set to be created, how to format the data for input or output, as well as the logic for manipulating the data. SAS can be used for:

  • Sales forecasting
  • Pharmaceutical analysis
  • Educational/psychological testing
  • Financial risk analysis

SAS is one of the main analytic platforms for academic research and data analysis used by companies, institutions and organizations around the world.

Data analysis with our SAS programming help

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