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What Is HTML and What Specifics It Has

HTML can safely be called the primary language on the Internet. Without a doubt, it is in the <p>…</p> tags that every paragraph on every page you open is wrapped.

Thanks to HTML language, pages and applications on the web have an organized look with a clear arrangement of headings, sections, paragraphs, and links. It should be understood that HTML is not a programming language, and it is not intended to create dynamic functions. Its function is to structure documents. Take an analogy with Microsoft Word, where you edit the text to make it readable. The browser converts the result and gives it to the user in the form of plain text displayed on the screen of a particular device.

In its essence, each HTML code is secluded in a document with a .html/.htm extension. This document can be read by any browser, and when you write an URL address in your browser, it sends a request and gets the document to interpret it as plain text and displays it to you.

It seems not a daunting task to do any HTML assignment, doesn’t it? Everything is simple. Just open a notepad and write code! But there is one big problem. HTML uses tons of various tags, and its syntax is complex enough. Even a single error in HTML code can make the webpage work incorrectly.

The Advantages of HTML Coding

That’s the biggest problem each student faces when learning HTML. Yet there are various bright sides to that language.

  • It is quite popular, and its resources are enormous.
  • The HTML language is inherent in every search engine.
  • It gives clean and organized markup.
  • The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) provides official support for web standards.
  • Integration with core languages like PHP or Node.js is possible.
  • Always available for free use.

These features make HTML a real celebrity among all the languages used in IT. Some even try to learn it themselves, and, of course, the basics of HTML are a must for all IT students today. That means you may need to do your HTML homework regularly. And the tasks for this homework could be almost non-trivial. So, it may come in handy to know where to get HTML coding help from professionals. Bingo, you are in the right place, as we provide HTML assignment help for all the students with no limits to the complexity of the tasks they need to solve.

What Is CSS, What Are Its Benefits, and Whom to Contact Should You Need Help With CSS Code?

CSS is a cascading style sheet used to describe how a document produced in a markup language like HTML is going to be presented. It is a cornerstone technology of the WWW, along with JavaScipt and HTML, and an integral part of the web development process.

Whereas HTML mostly determines the content of a webpage, CSS determines the visual layout and structure and helps a website look more appealing than just plain pieces of text. Websites without CSS would certainly be more difficult to browse and less aesthetically pleasant. In addition to format and layout, CSS is in charge of font color.

The benefits of CSS include:

  1. Better user experience
    CSS not only makes a webpage look easy on the eye, but it also helps format it. When text and buttons are well-organized and placed logically, the user experience is definitely enhanced.
  2. Improved page speed
    Slower page speed results from excess code. And CSS makes it possible to write less code. With CSS, you can apply a single CSS rule to each instance of a specific tag throughout an HTML document.
  3. Quick development time
    With CSS, you may use a single piece of code to apply precise formatting guidelines and styles to numerous pages, as several pages of a website (for example, product pages) can use the same cascading style sheet.
  4. Compatibility across devices
    Website responsiveness is important. In the modern world, webpages must be fully visible and easy to navigate on all devices. And that’s exactly what CSS and HTML are responsible for. They work together to enable responsive design on all devices, including smartphones, tablets, desktops, and even smart TVs.
  5. Ease of formatting
    With CSS, it’s simple to alter the format of a particular group of pages. There’s no need to correct each page separately. Simply make modifications to the corresponding CSS stylesheet, and all the pages that are utilizing that stylesheet will be updated.

As you can see, CSS is crucial to a webpage’s overall presentation. Additionally, it dramatically simplifies formatting for developers, making their lives much easier.

For more guidance or professional help with any CSS or HTML-related issues, consider ordering CSS assignment online from experts like the ones we have here at programmingassignment.net. This way, you’ll not only get the task done quickly and up to standard but also master the nuances of CSS faster due to such add-ons as well-commented code and step-by-step guidance on running it.

Professional HTML Homework Service and CSS Consulting by Specialists

Many students send us requests like ‘Do my HTML homework’ or ‘Do my CSS homework, please.’ Most of them also need their assignments to be done ASAP. That is what we focus on in our work.

  • We help our clients with their assignments in CSS or HTML classes.
  • We complete homework projects and assignments urgently.
  • We provide explanations to help our clients avoid difficulties with HTML or CSS.
  • We guarantee the highest quality of work and the quickest performance.

Our team comprises skilled IT experts and professional writers who deal with HTML and CSS daily. They have extensive expertise in CSS and HTML homework help, and their skill levels are more than enough to cope with tasks from students, postgraduates, and even working pros who face problems with HTML programming and need their projects checked and revised by a professional.

What can you do to get your CSS or HTML assignment ready to release? Just a couple of steps are required!

  1. Contact us to order CSS programing homework or HTML help services.
  2. Send us your assignment with a brief prompt and description.
  3. After we find an expert for you and you make a payment, our team will start working on it immediately.

Make your CSS and HTML homework an easy-peasy task! Our service will help you free up some time for more pleasant activities than writing code for a webpage and playing with the layout.



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What does HTML stand for in coding?

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. It’s the language of the World Wide Web.

What type of programming language is HTML?

HTML is a markup language that encapsulates data within specific tags. These tags define the data, describing its purpose on the webpage.

What is HTML code?

HTML is the code that programmers use to structure webpages and their content, which can be organized using paragraphs, bulleted points, and data tables, among other options.

What does HTML do?

HTML provides instructions to the browser on how to present images and structure the text on a webpage. The process is quite similar to that of the most popular word processors, such as Microsoft Word and Apple Pages.

How to code HTML?

These are the simple step you have to take to code HTML:

Step 1: Install and open a text editor. It can be Notepad++ (for Windows) or TextEdit (for Mac).
Step 2: Write your code in the editor. Use an open paragraph tag <p> to start your paragraph and end it with a closed paragraph tag </p>. Use other tags when required. After that, press Enter to proceed to the next line.
Step 3: Save your code to the PC either with .html or with .htm extension.
Step 4: Run your file in the browser to view the result.

If you’re facing difficulties at any step of the process, don’t hesitate to opt for the professional assistance of our certified HTML coders. They will gladly help you find a proper solution to your issue at any time of the day or night.

Is your HTML assistance service confidential?

Yes, our assistance with HTML-related tasks is completely confidential. We assign unique IDs to clients and sign non-disclosure agreements with coders and all other staff members to guarantee that no details of any order will be shared with a third party unless a client requests us to do so in writing.

My HTML assignment is due tomorrow. Can you help me?

Yes, you can certainly count on our HTML assistance service. Our fastest turnaround time is 12 hours, but in some cases, our experts can complete your coding assignment even faster.

How much does your assistance cost?

Our prices are some of the most affordable on the web, starting at just 45 per task. However, they can vary depending on the preferred delivery date and the complexity of your HTML task. Simply share your instructions with us, and we’ll provide you with a quote.

How does the payment process work?

Once your order is placed, one of our managers reviews your instructions, finds the best-qualified expert to complete the task, and emails you a price quote with the payment link. Once the payment goes through, the expert receives a notification and gets down to work.

Will your expert be able to revise the delivered code?

Yes, sure. We offer two weeks of free unlimited revisions to the delivered code, which can be easily activated in your customer area. Please note that the revisions period starts the moment you download your .html or .htm file.

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