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Cookies are placed and stored in the browser and by request, it will be sent back to the client’s server. A hash-like structure is provided the rails. The ActionController #cookies located in the controller manages the cookies. Using cookies implements the session in rails.

For example:

From request, the HTTP cookies are described. You can find them in the cookies assessor. In this case, the cookies are deposited in a fixed hash. The HASH API can be used to check the aim cookie.

if cgi.cookies .key? p "Cookie value is #{cgi.cookies ["mycookie"].value}" else p "Cookie does not exist." end

You can also utilize the cookie jar. \The outgoing and incoming cookie informations are managed by the CookieJar. The below codes will help.

def index
cookies[:key] = "val"
puts cookies[:key]
redirect_to :second_index
def second_index
cookies[:key] = "newval"
puts cookies[:key]
## Output :
## Open index page for the first time
# nil
# val
## Open index page the second time
# newval
# val

I hope these helps in detecting if a cookie exists while using the Ruby programming. Keep practicing, you’ll be an expert in this activity. You can check programming questions and answers and find any programming solutions you need with our help.

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