Top Schools, Colleges, and Universities to Learn Programming in 2022
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Top Schools, Colleges, and Universities to Learn Programming in 2022

There is active growth in the IT sector in the world. Experts attribute such a trend to the rapid digital technologies development and increasing popularity. For example, according to IDC information, in 2021, personal computers were sold by over 14% more than in 2020. Moreover, under the Digital 2021 report, 60% of the world’s population applies the Internet. In addition, almost every second inhabitant of the planet has a smartphone.

The tendency has caused an increase in demand for the creation of various kinds of software. Respectively, the number of vacancies for programmers has grown up. For those who want to master this IT specialty, the world’s best schools for coding will be listed below. Usually, future IT employees need programming assignment help to prepare for college. Such applicants should seek assistance on the sites of trustworthy companies (e. g., It’s because unverified enterprises often propose unqualified help and high prices.

What Are the Best Coding Schools in the EU?

First, it’s worth noting the Technical University of Munich. TUM is included in the ranking of the best German educational institutions. The computer science faculty in university is one of the largest worldwide. In 2027, the latter will celebrate its 60th anniversary. Training is provided in economic informatics, game development, bioinformatics, together with software engineering.

TUM has one of the cheapest programming departments worldwide. According to local students, tuition, including accommodation in this educational institution, costs about 1,000 euros per year.

As one of the best schools for computer programming, the university offers its students six bachelor’s and seven master’s academic programs. Some of the courses are in English. TUM also proposes a few double-degree programs. According to local students, tuition, including accommodation in this educational institution, costs about 1,000 euros per year.

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

The department of informatics of this institution stands out for having several courses that detail the main concepts of coding and digital technologies based on artificial intelligence. After completing the course, students:

  • learn how to interpret human behavior by applying data from computational models of cognitive and physiological processes as well as sensors;
  • gain practice in the implementation of AI models into special intelligent apps;
  • apply AI applications to make sure they are really aware of how people work.

Education at the university has a relatively moderate price. It costs about €11,100 per year.

Polish-Japanese University of Information Technology

Polish-Japanese University of Information Technology

The institution has been among the best universities and colleges for programming since 1994. PJATK constantly improves the quality of training and adapts programs to the requirements of the modern labor market. University teachers focus on practice. The institution students create mobile applications, algorithms, websites, animations, games, as well as video mappings and photo shoots within the training course.

Gaining a degree here costs about 3,000 EUR per year.

What Are Good Colleges for Computer Programming in the UK?

Great Britain is rich in great educational institutions offering coding informatics departments to students. Among the most famous programmer colleges are:

  1. Imperial College London – provides financial assistance in the form of loans, grants, and scholarships to deserving applicants as well as students in need. Among the famous graduates of the institution are the cybernetics scientist Kevin Warwick and the outstanding computer scientist Donald Davis.
  2. King’s College London – offers training in smart buildings and digital engineering, biomedical engineering, smart systems, etc. Getting a degree here costs about 24,000 pounds per year. The institution is considered one of England’s oldest and best colleges for computer programming.
  3. University College London – according to the QS World University Rankings, UCL is ranked 5th in Europe together with the UK and is in of the top ten best schools worldwide. Thus, any other advice would be redundant.

And, of course, the well-known University of Cambridge is worth mentioning. It’s the largest institution in the UK. The university excels in its Computer Science Program. The course includes:

  • comprehensive theoretical training;
  • learning three programming languages;
  • own website creation.

University of Cambridge

Program participants learn HTML, CSS, and Python. The students frequently have many questions when learning the latter programming language. That’s why they turn to the experts to receive Python homework help.

Best Programmer Schools in the USA and Canada

Best Programmer Schools in the USA and Canada

The North American continent is rich in high-quality educational institutions that train future IT specialists. Among the best programming colleges in the United States are:

  1. University of California, Berkeley – offers the same degrees in computer science. The standard courses include coding languages, electrical engineering, as well as math. Nay, the institution suggests one of the greatest online schools for computer programming.
  2. Yale University – private university, Ivy League. The school proposes bachelor’s, master’s, and even doctorate degrees in computer coding to its students. Additionally, the university helps its graduates to find a job.
  3. Stanford University – is considered one of the most reputable and rated institutions in the US and worldwide. The school students often cooperate with scientists at nearby research as well as industrial institutions. The university thoroughly immerses its students in the local culture and academics from early days. In addition, this school has a strong programming remote course.
  4. Harvard University – constantly competes with the University of Cambridge for leadership in the world’s educational sector. The school’s course in informatics is designed for programmers of various qualifications. Here, most of the students share in specialized studies during the course. The curriculum includes learning artificial intelligence as well as PC architecture. Moreover, the university suggests online training to the applicants as one of the top computer programming schools.

Among the greatest Canadian institutions, it’s worth noting the University of Toronto. The latter is the oldest and largest university in Canada. Over 65,000 students study here. Computer science and coding are considered among the strongest branches in the institution. Getting knowledge here costs a little more than 45,000 USD a year.

Additionally, experts note Centennial, Conestoga, Fanshawe, and Centennial Colleges in Canada. The schools’ programs involve a significant practical component along with work internships. But students also often look for a job on their own in relevant companies (like Programming Assignment). These institutions are among the top computer programming colleges for such an educational approach.

Hope that the information in the article was helpful. Choose an appropriate programming school wisely, and good luck!