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Language Wars: PHP vs Ruby vs Python
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Language Wars: PHP vs Ruby vs Python

If you are thinking whether to use python, ruby or PHP programming languages, know their differences and similarities. Which is better and easy to use? Here are some interesting facts about the programming languages.
php vs ruby vs python

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Interesting Facts about PHP vs Ruby vs Python

See the following for interesting facts about the three most common programming languages used by the experts. Read them here.

  • Ruby: It is an object-oriented, reflective, dynamic and general-purpose programming language. Companies that use Ruby include ZenDesk, Urban Dictionary, Twitter, GitHub, and others.
  • Python: It is a high-level general-purpose language that can be used in writing a short script and building API. Companies that use Python include Google, Dropbox, YouTube, Venmo and others.
  • PHP: It stands for a personal home page. PHP isn’t meant to be a programming language.

Platforms Built on Python

  • YouTube: It is a site to upload cat fails and videos. The Python programming language powers it. As of now, YouTube is one of the popular sites online, providing unlimited video entertainments.
  • Dropbox: People can now store documents in the cloud! This website allows individuals to sync, share and store anything with the use of Python power.
  • Survey Monkey: It is the largest company when it comes to online surveys, and they handle more than 1 million responses each day on their Python website.
  • Google: Python gives the power behind the popular search engine. The programming language handles the computing and traffic needs of Google as well as its connected apps.
  • Quora: It is a place to receive answers and ask questions from the community. Through their Python site, relevant results are edited, organized and answered.

Aphorisms from Zen of Python

  • Sparsely is better than dares.
  • Simple is better than complex.
  • Readability counts.
  • Explicit is better than ugly
  • A flat is better than nested.

Languages Influenced by Python

  • Boo: It uses similar syntax, indentation as well as a similar object model.
  • Cobra: It uses similar syntax and indentation, and it is integrated with the. NET Framework.
  • CoffeeScript: It is a programming language that has a Python- inspired syntax.
  • ECMAScript: It borrowed generators, a list of comprehensions and iterators from Python.
  • Swift: It is a programming language invented by Apple and it has a Python-inspired syntax.

An importance of PythonPython is a general-purpose language that can be used in building anything. It is great to use for data analysis, backend web development, scientific computing, artificial intelligence as well as scientific computing.

  • Beginner friendliness: Python gives the chance to users to build tools and prototypes quickly. The programming language gained popularity as a beginner-friendly language. It is designed to be fun to use and easy to understand.
  • Easy to understand: Python is a high-level language, and it reads the English language. It handles numerous complexities for users, allowing beginners to focus and learn the concepts of programming.
  • Flexible: Python is flexible, and there are no hard rules in building features. In that case, users will not have much difficulty in building what they want because it is very flexible to use different methods.

Python is essential for all software developers because it offers different features and a perfect combination that other languages cannot offer. If you know about Python, you can do almost anything with just little effort. If you are a boss or a general manager, you can take advantage of the great benefits offered by Python. Programmers run into less frustration, making them more productive and happier.

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