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Best Programming Schools in Canada in 2024 (+Admission Tips)

If you’re thinking about studying computer science and looking for the best schools for coding in Canada in 2024, this post from our programming homework help service can help you make an informed choice. We examine the top computer programming schools in Canada and provide detailed information on programs, prices, and other useful data. In addition, we offer expert advice to improve your chances of admission. Read on to learn about the best available options to prepare you for a successful IT career, with a plethora of fascinating prospects once you graduate.

Best Computer Programming Schools in Canada This Year

There are numerous programmer colleges in Canada that offer computer science programs. However, these are the top-chosen universities (based on the data from the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2024) that provide an excellent educational experience and campus culture and assist in building a successful tech career:

1. University of Toronto (Ontario)

Tuition fees:

  • CAD 6,590+ (Canada)
  • CAD 45,690+ (overseas students)

Ranked among the best programming colleges in Canada, the University of Toronto is an excellent place to study computer science. You can choose from a variety of undergraduate and graduate computer science degrees. The wide range of course choices allows you to tailor your degree to your interests. Furthermore, the university’s inclusive environment makes students from all backgrounds feel welcome.

University highlights:

  • It is one of Canada’s oldest higher education institutions, dating back to 1827.
  • The university has a longstanding reputation for research and innovation.
  • Its former students include five Canadian prime ministers and ten Nobel laureates. Other prominent alums are actor Donald Sutherland and writers Michael Ondaatje and Margaret Atwood.
  • The university has multiple campuses, with the Mississauga campus boasting 225 acres of protected green belt.
  • It has a reputation in both ice hockey and football.
  • The university’s attractions include 1,000+ student organizations, a theatre, an art gallery, and a concert hall.
  • It has students from around 160 countries.

Courses offered:

  • Computer Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  • Data Sciences

Acceptance rate for the computer science program: approx. 30%.

Entry requirements: GPA of 3.6 on a 4.0 scale (or equivalent) in Grade 12 subjects, including calculus and English.

Scholarships available: Entrance Scholarships and In-Course Scholarships.

2. University of Waterloo (Waterloo)

Tuition fees:

  • CAD 9,500+ (Canada)
  • CAD $48,000+ (overseas students)

The University of Waterloo is another excellent place to study computer science in Canada. Waterloo places a strong emphasis on applying research to real-world problems and providing hands-on learning experiences. This university is especially suited for overseas students looking to establish professional networks that last after graduation. The university’s focus on experiential learning will ideally equip you for a future profession in computer science and technology.

Things that make it one of the top colleges for programming in Canada:

  • Established in 1957 with only 74 engineering students, now the university hosts 42,000 students, 30,000 of whom are international students coming from 120 countries.
  • As a student, you can choose to study multiple subjects by adding minors to your degree.
  • There is a wide range of programs available, including undergraduate and graduate courses, professional courses, exchange programs, and part-time studies.
  • The university has 4 libraries, with over one million books in total and over 200 accredited student clubs.
  • The University of Waterloo has a global network of 220,000 alums across 151 countries and offers employment opportunities with over 7,000 companies.

Courses offered:

  • Computational Mathematics
  • Business Administration and Computer Science
  • Computer Engineering
  • Computing and Financial Management
  • Information Technology Management
  • Computer Science

Acceptance rate for the computer science program: approx. 40%.

Entry requirements: GPA of 3.7 on a 4.0 scale (or equivalent); English; calculus and vectors; and advanced functions.

Scholarships available: President’s Scholarships and David Johnson Scholarships.

3. Université de Montréal (Quebec)

Tuition fees:

  • CAD 5,800+ (Canada)
  • CAD 20,000+ (overseas students)

The last one on our list of the best colleges for computer programming in Canada in 2024 is the University of Montreal, renowned for its research programs that allow students to gain hands-on experience in the field. As a French-speaking institution, it provides students with the opportunity to learn French, which is especially beneficial for anyone planning to live and work in French towns following graduation. The university offers plenty of resources for students and access to the latest tech labs and research projects, which is another huge benefit.

University highlights:

  • It is one of the largest university complexes in North America, with two affiliated schools: HEC Montreal (business) and Polytechnique Montreal (engineering).
  • The university attracts $680+ million in research funding every year, which makes it the fourth of the largest schools for computer programming and research in Canada.
  • It has 67,000 students and 2,300 researchers and professors.
  • The university’s famous alums include Joanne Liu, international president of Doctors Without Borders; Roger Guillemin, co-recipient of the 1977 Nobel Prize; and Pierre Elliott Trudeau, one of Canada’s prime ministers.
  • One out of every four students at the university comes from outside Canada.

Courses offered:

  • Information Sciences
  • Applied Computing
  • Information Technology Law
  • Video Game Studies
  • Mathematical and Computational Finance

Acceptance rate for the computer science program: approx. 35%.

Entry requirements: GPA of 3.5 – 4.0; good performance in science and mathematics; and knowledge of French & English languages.

Scholarships available: UdeM Exemption Scholarship.

Now that you know the best schools to learn programming on campus, let’s examine the top Canadian schools offering online education.

Canada’s Top Online Schools for Computer Programming in 2024

If you have a full-time job or other commitments and would like to learn on your schedule, these three best coding colleges can be a perfect fit for you:

1. Centennial College (Scarborough)

Tuition fees:

  • CAD 2,721 per year (Canada)
  • CAD 21,117 (overseas students)

Centennial offers high-quality employment-focused education. The college’s programs foster hands-on learning through co-op education, laboratory instructions, and industrial placements.

Graduates of Centennial College may be eligible to take part in pathway programs at partner institutions, including Algoma University (Ontario), Davenport University (USA), the University of Guelph (Ontario), McMaster University (Ontario), and others. These pathway programs allow earning a degree credit for Centennial College learning.

Programs available:

  • Advanced Diploma in Software Engineering Technology (Optional Co-op)
  • Advanced Diploma in Software Engineering Technology (Fast-track, Optional Co-op)
  • Advanced Diploma in Software Engineering Technology – Artificial Intelligence (Optional Co-op)
  • Graduate Certificate in Mobile Applications Development

Note that college/university graduates with a background in software engineering can gain direct entry into Semester 3 of the three-year program and get their diploma in just four semesters.

Institution’s highlights:

  • Project-based learning.
  • Use of leading technology tailored to industry standards.
  • Knowledgeable faculty members with diverse experience and academic credentials.

Entry requirements: Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent; English Grade 12 C or U or equivalent (minimum grade required); Mathematics Grade 11 M or U or 12 C, or U or equivalent (minimum grade required); proficiency in the English language.

2. Herzing College (Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, and Winnipeg)

Tuition fee:

  • CAD 18,500+

Herzing College, one of the top programming schools in Montréal, Quebec, originated from Herzing Institute, founded in February 1965. Initially, the college focused solely on computer technology training. However, over the years, it has expanded its career-focused education scope and geography to include campuses in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, and Winnipeg.

Programs available:

  • Software Development
  • Computer Networking Technology

Institution’s highlights:

  • Herzing boasts a number of sports, cultural, music, and international student clubs.
  • The college has 40,000 alums in total, including author Dave McCormick, writer Zakia Dixon, and sports player Sonia Lather.
  • Herzing College alumni are hired by PWC, Goldman & Sachs, the Canadian Red Cross, and other giants.

Entry requirements: Minimum 60% in 10th & 12th and overall 6.0 IELTS Band score.

3. BITTS International Career College (Mississauga)

Tuition fee: Varies based on the chosen program.

BITTS, a privately owned Canadian college (formerly Brampton Technical Institute), is an ideal option for those looking to kickstart their career in JavaScript. Through the CIW JavaScript Specialist certification program, students acquire essential skills to develop interactive web applications using modern frameworks and even create server-side apps, preparing them for diverse career opportunities in the tech industry.

Career opportunities:

  • Web Developer
  • Software Developer
  • Full-Stack Developer

Entry requirements: Minimum age of 18; English Proficiency (IELTS/TOEFL/CAEL); completed OSSD or equivalent.

How to Improve Your Chances of Getting into One of These Programs

Securing a spot in one of Canada’s top computer programming colleges is a challenging task. Here are some strategies to make your admission process smooth and successful:

  1. Make sure you have relevant experience in computer science. These can be anything from internships to side projects.
  2. Prepare a solid personal statement. It should demonstrate your interest in the field and career goals and explain why you’re a good fit for the chosen program.
  3. Demonstrate your proficiency in English. If you’re an international student, high TOEFL/IELTS scores can boost your application.
  4. Supplement your application with the letters of recommendation. They can be from a mentor, teacher, supervisor, or employer.
  5. Submit your application well in advance. Keeping up with the application process will help you avoid last-minute stress.
  6. Prepare for interviews. If the selected institution requires an interview, our programming assignment help experts recommend practicing your communication skills and reviewing possible interview questions online.

We hope these recommendations will better equip you to achieve your professional development goals and provide a strong foundation for admission to the chosen school. For professional Java assignment help, you can always rely on our dedicated team!