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From Internet memes to classic old style gags, there are all kinds of funny programming jokes that mean nothing to the average Joe.As programming practice shows, you need plenty of experience of coding in all kinds of languages to get some of the geekiest jokes you’ll ever see. You know you’re a real coder when you and the rest of your developer team are the only ones laughing at these jokes. Show and tell them to your non-IT colleagues at your peril.

Have a Good Laugh with Programming Humor

It has to be said that programming humor is an acquired taste. It’s no wonder that your friends who can hardly turn a computer on have no idea why it’s so funny that you can’t stop laughing. You won’t even be able to explain the joke either which will only make things worse for them and even funnier for you.

With the right meme, you can make programming fun even when you’re trudging through the most boring of tasks. If you’re lucky, you might even find one to share with all the non-coders out there.

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What Is a Programmer?

Programmer (noun) – a person who fixed a problem you don’t know you have, in a way you don’t understand.

This pretty much sums up how your average client or employer feels about you and your work. It actually has a serious point to make as well, because a good programmer really does identify problems that no one else can see and then goes on to fix them using skills that took years to acquire. It’s these kinds of opportunities that make programming fun and a real challenge.

What Is an Algorithm?

Algorithm (noun) – a word used by a programmer when they don’t want to spend time explaining what they did.

With no disrespect to those not in the know, the average coder really doesn’t want to spend all day explaining why their fix worked. It just requires too much background knowledge that can’t be imparted in mere minutes. Instead, just tell them you implemented an algorithm and everything will go swimmingly.

You Really Need to ‘C’ This One

– What’s the object-oriented way to get rich?

– Inheritance

Actually a C++ joke, but the play on words was irresistible. It’s not even that hard to come up something that’ll at least raise a chuckle and this one will certainly break the monotony.

One for All the Mac Lovers

– What do air con systems and computers have in common?

– They’re both useless when you open Windows.

This is the one to crack out when you see someone struggling as Windows chugs along at a snail’s pace. Prepare yourself for retaliation if you take this theme too far, though!

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Make Your Programming Fellows Smile

If you’re an experienced coder, you’ve probably heard your fair share of funny programming jokes in your time. Whether you want to bamboozle your less computer-literate pals or you want to become a real programming jester, a couple of well-timed jokes are your true friends. Use these at your peril though, as they may well fly right over the heads of those who don’t know at least know their Java from the JavaScript.

Raise a laugh with these funny programming jokes and be the soul of your developer team. After all, everyone enjoys a good joke.

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