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Learning how to code effectively can be rather difficult, to say the least. Make sure you score top marks on your latest programming assignment when you download specially designed apps to help with homework topics. Being a programmer is all about knowing how to use the tools at your disposal to create a solution to a range of different problems. Employ this vital approach when it comes to your assignments and you’ll face anything that’s thrown at you.

A Top Selection of Homework Apps for iPad

To make sure you complete your homework on time and to the best of your ability, you’re going to need some help from the latest education support apps. Consider these 10 top homework apps for iPad and boost your grades to the next level.

iHomework will help you to ensure that all your assignments are finished right on time. It’s something of a to-do list app but it has been specially formatted for students to make the most out of their academic schedules. You can arrange your timetable based on particular courses you’re attending, the teachers and professors who are teaching you, and by individual assignment. In short, you couldn’t get a more organized academic life without such an indispensable app.

My Homework. This is a flexible app to rely on when you need to track all new homework assignments. Why would you choose it? Because the due date and reminder options allow you to finish your homework before the deadlines pass by simple pings and engaging messages. It is supported by both phones and tablets, the only difference you may face while using this app touches the paid and unpaid versions. Note, that the free version includes ads, but who cares, if the app works properly?

iStudiez Pro is a good choice for those who care not only about functionality but also seek some esthetic fulfillment. The latter will definitely be reached since the app has an interactive timetable, a colored to-do-list and an easy to comprehend interface. Control your academic performance and time spent with the help of a both pleasant to use and smart app.

Study Aid takes the tried-and-tested flash card approach and turns it into a highly effective and incredibly useful learning paradigm. You can separate your cards into different lists, depending on what you’d like to focus on at any given moment, letting you really drill those facts and figures until you get your head around them. You can even embed HTML into your flashcards to make them a little more exciting and useful with a range of colors, fonts and more.


Chegg is for those of you who don’t really want to cart around hundreds of different important textbooks and don’t have the stacks of cash required to purchase them all anyway. This app is a companion to a program that lets you rent electronic textbooks and learn in a much more convenient and cost-effective manner. It’s not the best e-reader in the world, but its other services more than make up for this downfall.

My Grades and Homework is an app that really does what it says on the can. Whether you want to keep track of your latest grades and your overall grade point average, or you’ve got an interested parent or guardian who wants to make sure you’re on track academically, this is the helpful apps for students. It’s possible to adapt the interface to match each individual teacher or professors preferred grading system and the developers are more than happy to help you if you’ve got any issues.

Student Life Organizer appreciates that your life as a student is not only about studying and more studying. You can use this smart app to take note of all kinds of extracurricular activities, and it’s very important that you keep these kinds of activities up while you’re shooting for the stars in your classes. This app will help you strike a perfect balance between strictly academic pursuits and those that’ll round you out as a whole person and not just a grade-scoring machine.

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Programming Hub is an app that has been developed for computing and programming students in mind. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface that is clean and ready to go. There are literally thousands of different precompiled and optimized code repositories in over 20 programming languages for you to learn from, so of all the apps here, this is certainly the most appropriate for students of computer science.

Code Academy is the companion app to a highly effective and very well-known coding school that’ll really boost your programming skills to the next level. There’s so much to learn that it’s hard to believe that it can all fit under one roof in this comprehensive and detailed app. You can go from knowing less than nothing about a given programming language to building full-scale programs at a much faster rate than if you were to use any other app.

Lightbot is an app initially designed to add some entertaining aspect to programming studies. Encompassing logical tasks and puzzles to be solved it can be used not only by children, but by the adults who lack some motivation to continue learning a particular programming language. But don’t frighten the newbies: the app doesn’t focus on the programming itself. Its prior goal is to develop wittiness, improve problem-solving skills and support the independence of decision making.

offers a way of entertaining yourself while still practicing the kind of logical puzzle-solving skills you’ll need to become a top programmer. It has been developed for use by younger children as well, so you’ll be able to get stuck right in no matter what the current level of your chosen language. There’s no actual programming involved and you’ll focus purely on developing the non-coding skills that are vitally important to every programmer worth their salt.

Make the most of your education in programming when you use the latest apps to help with homework assignments. When you learn the most efficient ways of approaching problems using the tools that your chosen programming language provides, you’ll quickly find yourself becoming better and better at all subjects within the umbrella term of computer science.

Choose one of these top 10 apps to help with homework set by your toughest professors. Consider all of the options at your disposal and become a truly great programmer.

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