What Is the Use of Scanf and Printf in C Programming?

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Do You Need Help with Your Assignment about C Programming scanf and printf Functions?

Having been around for more than 30 years C is often the language of choice for many programmers. As Alex Allain of Cprogramming says:

“As a result of its age and its use as the language of system programming for Unix, C has become something of the lingua franca of programming. C is a great language for expressing common ideas in programming in a way that most people are comfortable with.”

There are however a huge number of functions that you need to understand and know how to use. Among these are scanf and printf; these are two library functions that are included within C for your use.

C programming printf is a function that will output data or print it to the output device; usually the screen. It will be written something like this within your code; printf (“integer value is %d\n”, no). It can be used to return a character, string, integer, float as well as octal and hexadecimal values.

C programming scanf is similar in structure to printf but rather than creating an output it is there to read an input, usually from the keyboard if this is your default input device. So scanf can be used with printf to capture a string of data from the keyboard and then have it displayed on the screen.

Now: your particular assignment may be more involved than just understanding the difference between the two functions within the inbuilt library. The following section will review the ways that you should always approach your assignments no matter where you are within your education:

Tips for Completing Your scanf and printf Assignment in C

The following is some simple advice that you can apply to your assignments in C so that you will always submit work on time that is to the standard that your tutor is looking for:

  • Learn; pay attention in class and always do all of the additional reading that you are assigned. If you don’t work at C you will not learn it.
  • Get into a routine; always do your computer programming assignment at the same time everyday and don’t put off your assignment until the last minute.
  • Always work in a quiet place that is totally free of all forms of distractions allowing you to concentrate on your work.
  • Carefully read the assignment that you have been set to ensure that you fully understand what you are being asked to do. If you are not sure clarify it with your tutor.
  • Create an outline of what your answer is going to look like, this will help you to visualize what you have to do and if there are any holes in your understanding.
  • Keep it as simple as you can; don’t try to be overly clever with your answer.
  • Keep a regular backup on a flash drive; you never know when a computer will fail and lose hours of hard work.
  • Look at samples of similar code and ideas online; but do not ever copy what you find or even accept that the answers that you see are correct; check always.
  • Work in a study group or have a partner; two heads are always better than one but do not simply copy from one another.
  • Test your coding to ensure that it works just as it needs to.
  • Proofread all of your f.e. object oriented programming php writing to eliminate any errors.

What’s the bottom line? The more effort that you put into learning C the better that you will understand how programming really works and the more that you will be able to do. As Mac developer Evan Miller says:

“C forces you to build a mental model of what the computer is actually doing when you run your programs, much like a teenager figuring out how the gear mechanism works by playing around with the clutch. As you ask why and keep digging for answers, your mental model will grow to encompass the process model, the CPU architecture, the memory hierarchy, the operating system, and so forth. It’s that mental model — rather than the C language itself — that will enable you to poke through the abstractions created by others, and write programs you never thought possible.”

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