How do You Create a Line Break in PHP?

Several methods to create a line break in PHP can be used. But a user can alter their browser’s font size, it is advisable to use the CSS to set up the containers if the texts are wrapped. You can also include a single line text on the site. You will re-do and change some of your web pages, but it will help you more to make a better website. You should add line breaks while eliminating these on the database, instead of doing it during adding the texts.

Below are some examples on creating a line break in PHP:

Insert line breaks where newlines (\n) occur, using the XHTML parameter:

echo nl2br(“Two lines.\nNext line.”,false);

The browser result of the above code will be:

Two lines.
Next line.

The HTML output of the code above will be (View Source):

Two lines.<br>
Next line.

The (\n) is the line break. It is important to print or echo\n in double quotes while it can be condensed accurately as \n.

Now, you can work on creating your line break in PHP. Practice consistently and you’ll surely work adding a line break flawlessly. You can check programming questions and answers and find any programming solutions you need with our help.

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