How can I View PHP Files through My Web Browser?

Some people find it difficult to view their PHP files through their browser. Below are some steps to display your files successfully on the web.

The PHP is a server side language so it will not directly open in your browser. It means that, your PHP is opened on the server before the results will be sent to the browser. To view PHP files through your web browser, make a folder on your website. You should protect it with a password. Upload the PHP files. After that, you can view the PHP in your browser.

If you want to show it on your website, it is necessary that it is PHP supported. Contact your hosting company to learn how. If the host still does not support the files, it is a problem. You can manually install it for your use. The PHP may not show correctly or it will never show. This may happen because of the PHP code. Either if the code is not correct or not compatible with your browser. You can also save the file on the web as .phps.

Now, you are ready to view your files in the browser. Just follow the above guidelines to successfully display your PHP in your web page. You can check programming questions and answers and find any programming solutions you need with our help.